“Thirty Conversations on Design”


Det er ikke alle 30 diskussioner der er publiceret endnu, og det heller ikke dem alle der siger noget man ikke har hørt før…men det er altid sjovt når der er nogen der siger det meget meget tydeligt, som fx Edwin Chan fra Gehry Partners:

“Green Design or being ecological conscious is, frankly speaking, alot of bullshit – in fact it´s a little bit of a fad. There´s always been talks about being energy conscious since the 60’s, and to me the current trend is just a rehash of what´s been good design all along for ages. To look at the problem from a different perspective, we might want to begin by thinking or rethinking the little things of our lifes today. One of the problems that stands out in my mind is the amount of waste we produce as a Society – especially in America the amount of junkfood we consume, the fuel, the energy – the list just goes on and on. Why do people think they need to live in houses that are so big? Why do people commute for hours in their car from their suburban homes to their workplaces? Why do people buy all these things that they don´t need, with money they don´t have?” – (Edwin Chan, Gehry partners)

Om Rasmus Brønnum

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