iRay – RealTime is the new Web 3.0

Mens vi venter på den famøse realtime-render fremtid så kan vi jo læne os tilbage os se hvad producenterne smider efter os i mellemtiden. Filmene nedenfor er en optagelse af hastigheden hvis man renderer realtime i selve Firefox browseren – altså, når den er tilsluttet en online web service der kører på 15 Tesla GPUs. Og det ser jo helt fint ud, haha!

iray® is the world’s first interactive and physically correct, photorealistic rendering solution. With iray, users can quickly create life-like images of their creations by using intuitive, real world approaches and interactively exploring their results through the processing power of NVIDIA® graphics processing units (GPUs). As a ready to integrate solution with ties to industry standards, iray enables software developers to rapidly add exceptionally fast and productive photorealism to their products. With iray, interactive realism is now a reality.

iray accelerates the creative process by accurately simulating the physical world, enabling designers, engineers and consumers to use materials, lighting and settings that truly resemble what they experience every day. iray makes this process interactive by progressively refining the image until the desired detail is achieved, becoming increasingly faster as more GPUs are employed, enabling the play of light, shadow and reflection to be studied.

As part of mental ray® 3.8 (3Ds Max standard render)– the predominant ray trace renderer used on feature films and within the leading design and content creation tools of Autodesk, Dassault Systèmes and Parametric Technology – iray is poised to become an industry standard for visually simulating the physical world. Companies can join this upcoming convergence by adding iray directly to their products (directly or with mental ray) or by utilizing iray within their RealityServer® applications.


Om Rasmus Brønnum

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