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Mediating Mediums: The Digital 3D

“Architecture’s ability to mediate spatial and perceptual experience has historically been tied to the inherent qualities of material, form and function. However, our lives have become colored by immaterial stimuli as well.“ Vi lever i en tid der snart vil … Læs resten

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Discussions in Architecture: Bjarke Ingels vs. Preston Scott Cohen

“In relation to Darwinian evolution, the fittest that survives [here] is you! To me this seems more as the survival of the Architect – not the survival of Architecture!” – Preston Scott Cohen Jay Leno vs. Jay Leno De sidste … Læs resten

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SANAA: “Architecture is Environment” [Harvard GSD, 2011]

Halvanden times forelæsning med de to all-in-white japanske alfer: SANAA – Kazuyo Sejima + Ryue Nishizawa, på GSD, Harvard University 2011

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