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53 Questions, 265 Answers [Log Magazine]

“What are the Five Points for a New Architecture? [Bjarke Ingels] 1. More students. Is architecture hiding behind technology? [Preston Scott Cohen] Oh yes, lately, definitely. [Roberts Stern] Too many architects, hide behind technology. Will simulation kill or enhance architecture? … Læs resten

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Discussions in Architecture: Bjarke Ingels vs. Preston Scott Cohen

“In relation to Darwinian evolution, the fittest that survives [here] is you! To me this seems more as the survival of the Architect – not the survival of Architecture!” – Preston Scott Cohen Jay Leno vs. Jay Leno De sidste … Læs resten

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Interview med Preston Scott Cohen [Harvard GSD]

”I think one of the challenges today is to help students recognize the value of doing work and studying things that are not immediatly and evidently directed to being a successful architect. [To be a good architect ] You have … Læs resten

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